• Why the need for independent college counseling?

Why College Counseling

Private, independent college counseling services are growing at an extraordinary rate across the United States. This increase is due to a variety of factors:

1. Budget constraints in our secondary schools have prohibited the majority of our schools from employing an adequate number of counselors. The school counselor to student ratio is extremely high nationwide, thus creating a significant strain on our high school counselors to adequately provide the college counseling services that each student deserves. This problem will continue within our schools and can only be remedied by a significant educational reform movement.

2. Universities are becoming more and more selective in their college admissions process, as their governing boards are demanding specified enrollment objectives based upon a combination of academic quality and diversity. Experienced independent college counselors are aware of the intricacies associated with many schools selection criteria and have well-established relationships with many colleges admission staff.

3. In addition to the high school counselor’s primary function of academic planning, they also are many times forced to take on social worker roles with their students, providing a wide array of social counseling services. The end product is that many times students requiring or seeking advice on the college selection and admissions process are many times left to fend for themselves. Choosing and getting admitted to the right college is one of the most, if not the most, important choices a student will ever make. An inadequate level of college counseling services could result in a student not getting admitted into the school of their choice or making a poor choice that will affect them their entire life.

4. High school counselors are only available to the student when school is in session. They are unavailable throughout the summer months. The summer is precisely the time that students need to be applying to colleges and the time when the most selective schools are already making admission decisions. The experienced independent college counselor is available year-round.