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Our Services

  • Student Motivation. We can help to motivate the student to do better in school, getting more from their high school experience and raising their grades at the same time. Independent college counseling services pertaining to college choice and what it takes to get in often contributes to higher motivation and higher performance in high school classes.
  • Student Assessment. An understanding of the learning style, social life, academic, and extra-curricular priorities of the student is extremely important. This aspect of private college counseling helps the student to better understand what they are looking for in a college and what they can anticipate once in a college environment.
  • Help in College Planning and Choice. When applying to colleges, we will help match colleges to the student’s academic, intellectual, and social needs — based on the independent college counselor’s familiarity with the institution and the admissions staff.
  • Coaching the Student. The student will be coached on how to make the best use of the college campus visit and how to make the best impression during the interview. Special hints on the etiquette for such sessions are provided.
  • Offer Suggestions on Summer Opportunities. We provide guidance on which programs, camps, summer internships, and more will enhance each student’s admission and scholarship applications to their designated college choices
  • Recommend Community and Volunteer Experiences. These types of extracurricular activities will add to the “holistic” aspect of a student’s admission and scholarship applications to highly competitive colleges.
  • Provide Admissions Prep and Editing with Applications and Essays. We create the application accounts completing as much as we can of the college applications with the information we have on file from the initial interview and ICC Academic & Extracurricular Questionnaire. We also assist in the development of essay topics and critiques of them — from the perspective of a former admissions and scholarship application reader!
  • Contact with College Admissions Staff. Our established relationships and familiarity with college admission staff can potentially assist our student clients in the admissions process.
  • Assist in Decision Process. Our independent college counseling services also include assisting students in the discernment process of which college admissions and scholarship offers to accept and decline.

Independent College Counseling Services
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