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Don Pitchford, PhD

Dr. Pitchford is extremely well recognized by college admission staff throughout the entire nation. He holds a Master’s degree in student counseling and a Doctorate in educational psychology. He has previously held the position of Director of Admissions and Student Recruitment at a major four-year comprehensive institution. There are few college counselors in the nation that can duplicate these academic credentials. His philosophical orientation to counseling is best described as a “holistic approach” that focuses on the entire family unit. Dr. Pitchford’s area of research and counseling expertise resides in successfully matching the student’s academic skills, needs and desires to the specific post-secondary institution that can completely fulfill all student and parental expectations. His level of services and experience as a college counselor extends far beyond the college application process in providing additional counseling services contingent upon individual family needs. His passion for his profession and his sincere desire to assist families with all college counseling-related needs will become evident upon your initial consultation.

“As you have most likely come to realize, few choices have as great an impact as the choice of a school or college. I realize from nearly twenty-five years of firsthand experience as an admission professional how students and their families can find this decision overwhelming as they struggle to evaluate options and make wise choices. We are accepting clients on a case-by-case basis, keeping our student ratio low in order to provide the best service possible for each of our families. Diversification of my clientele is one of the most heavily weighted factors that I will use in identifying potential clients. If you would like to learn more about our services, please complete the following information. You will be contacted within the next business day.” Don Pitchford, PhD


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 Exploring your interests, goals and talents Reviewing academic and testing records Assisting with curriculum and extracurricular decisions for your sophomore, junior and senior year of high school Identifying colleges that are best suited to your academic strengths and personal interests Managing the college application process Preparing you for interviews, campus visits and essay writing Reviewing financial aid and scholarship options Assisting with final college choices including housing, orientation and registration

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