• Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How can ICC help my child?

A: Dr. Pitchford assists middle school to high school students and their families through the entire admissions prep and college admissions process. He gets to know your student through a diagnostic assessment that results in a prescriptive, individualized approach for each student. Our comprehensive college admissions consultant services cover everything from college prep, search,  selection, writing college essays, and scholarship/financial aid searches. We work individually with students to ensure their admission and scholarship applications and essays are completed in a way that makes them stand out from other students with similar grades and ACT/SAT scores.

Q: Why would my child need to work with someone other than his/her high school guidance counselor on the application process for college?

A: Today’s high school guidance counselors have many responsibilities above and beyond assisting with the college planning and admission process, including: test administration, student discipline, family issues, course selection and much more. As a result, it is nearly impossible for them to give your child the attention that he or she may need. As a result, Independent College Counseling receives referrals from high school counselors at public and private schools. In addition, the high school guidance counselors are not available during the crucial summer months in which many colleges are making early admissions decisions.

Q: When is the right time to start working with Dr. Pitchford?

A: Many times we start the process as early and the 8th and 9th grade years to assist with study skills, course selection, and beginning the process of thinking about extracurricular activities and clubs that may enhance their future college and scholarship search process. Generally, we work with high school students who are beginning the testing, search, essay, and application processes. In deciding the right time for your child, consider how ready you are to embark on this journey. With cooperation from our students and their families, we have success with students of all ages.

Q: We have a “C” student, can a college admissions consultant help?

A: Dr. Pitchford is an expert in helping all students. We can ensure an applicant receives the highest level of success given their academic record and qualifications. It’s best to start early. We also work with students who have other post secondary aspirations such as technical or trade schools, military or who aspire to enter directly into the work force.

Q: How can I, as a parent, stay involved in the process?

A: You know your child better than anyone else. We appreciate and welcome your input throughout this process and cc you on all communications.

Q: I’m not sure my child will have the time to commit to this process?

A: Today’s students and families are busier than ever before. Complex homework assignments, extracurricular activities, and sports create tight schedules for your child. By working with a college consultant, your family will end up saving time and having the “piece of mind” knowing they have been professionally guided through this many times tedious and ambiguous process.

Q: Wonderful, how do we get started?

A: Please complete the online information request located under “Meet Your Counselor”.

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