• Which type of students benefit the most from independent college counseling?

Benefit of College Counselors

  • Students With Higher Grades and Test Scores. For a higher caliber student, consultations with private college counselors can be very beneficial. Increased competition for admissions into highly selective schools has resulted in more families meeting with educational consultants to get any advantage possible. Increased admission and scholarship opportunities, due to high grades in test scores, many times equates to a greater need to consult with college counselors to discuss direction and strategy.
  • The Marginal Student. Independent college counselors can be instrumental in working closely with this type of student. There are many colleges, including two-year institutions, which can provide this type of student with a quality education. Many times the marginal student can underestimate their probability of applying to college and getting into a 4-year institution. A competent private college counselor can point the student to these types of institutions that are of high quality but less competitive.
  • Lack of Student Motivation. Quality independent counselors will be able to help students clearly understand their educational and career options. With tutoring, study skill help, and guidance from an educational consultant, the poorly motivated student can become much more academically focused if the desire is there.
  • Last But Not Least..The Undecided Student. These students are usually academically sound but have had little guidance in the college application and admission process. In most instances, it is this student that can benefit the most from timely college counseling.

College Counselors Testimonial