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About Us

Independent College Counseling™

The idea for Independent College Counseling ™ (ICC) originated in 2001 as the Pitchford’s  recognized their unique skill set and the need for quality professional college prep, search and admission application services for many busy families. At that time the independent college counseling field was still in it’s infancy and was primarily targeted toward high performing students that were competing for admissions to highly selective institutions. ICC was officially formed in Austin, Texas in 2006 and began to service the college admission needs of students in the greater Austin metropolitan area. With the benefits of technology, ICC now can serve students across the U.S.

Don Pitchford, PhD

Dr. Pitchford is one of the most experienced independent college counselors in the country. He has over 25 years of practical experience in college admissions and is extremely well recognized by college admission staff throughout the entire nation. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, a Master’s degree in Student Counseling and a Doctorate in Educational Psychology. There are few college counselors in the nation that can duplicate these academic credentials and that possesses the infectious character and amiable disposition of Dr. Pitchford.

His philosophical orientation to counseling is best described as a “holistic approach” which focuses on including the entire family unit in the process. Dr. Pitchford’s area of counseling expertise resides in successfully matching student’s academic skills, needs and desires with the specific post secondary institution that can completely fulfill all student and parental expectations. His level of service and experience extends far beyond the college application process in providing additional counseling services contingent upon individual and family needs. His experience and passion for his profession, compounded with his sincere desire to serve all families with college counseling related needs, has resulted in ICC becoming one of the respected college counseling services in the nation.

Melanie Pitchford

Melanie Pitchford added her talents to ICC in 2009, after retiring from a 17 year career as a human resource executive. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, with a minor in Psychology. Her skill set in the HR field transferred seamlessly into ICC as her area of interests and specialization focused on recruitment, talent aquisition, career counseling and performance management. Her knowledge and expertise in these areas has provided Independent College Counseling with a unique service that we offer to our students to assist with scholarship obtainment and choosing a major that coincides with their individuals interests, abilities, and values. In addition, Melanie possesses a unique technical skill set and familiarity with navigating all web based national, state, and college specific admission application portals…..her ability to do so has benefited hundreds of families.